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Torcello, Venice

PVE 01


Zattoria, Venice

PVE 02

Canarregio, Venice

PVE 03

Ca'd'Oro, Venice

PVE 04

Palazzo from the Grand Canal, Venice

PVE 05

Statue, Gesuiti, Venice

PVE 06


Architectural Detail, Santa Maria, Venice

PVE 07

Rooftops, Venice

PVE 08


PVE 10

Carnival Masks, Venice

PVE 11

Almond Grove, Andalucia

PLA 07


Almond Grove 2, Andalucia

PLA 11

Juniper Tree, Upper Teesdale

PNW 07

Sea Food Bar, New York

PNY 04

Sea Food Bar, New York 2

PNY 06

Sunset, 5th Ave New York

PNY 03


Trailer Park Lounge, New York

PNY 02

Grand Central, New York

PNY 07

Pilot House, New York

PNY 11

Red Truck, New York 2

PNY 09

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